Managing Engineering software: License Asset Manager™ with Usage Monitoring (LAMUM)

Engineering software is generally expensive and available in all types and forms: concurrent/networked (meaning shared), pay-per-use, Node-locked, User locked, Shrink-wrapped, and dongle keyed. There is a movement away from the single-User Licenses to shared Licenses. Shared License management is maintained (not necessarily insured) through FLEXlm, LUM, elan, Sentinel, Clearcase, etc. Shared License restrictions can be LAN, scaled LAN, WAN, scaled WAN, and even hybrid variations thereof. The right “Mix” of License type depends on usage patterns, trends, and cost. Node-locked, single User Licenses are much cheaper, than LAN or WAN, with Global WAN being the most expensive. It is imperative that Management choose the most economical mix, while still giving availability to Engineers to meet Project requirements. Utilization metrics can certainly help, but it is not all that must be considered. Without accurate and up to date business intelligence, one cannot prepare well enough for negotiations with the vendor or make the best decision for their company.