License Asset Manager™️ 9.1


Engineering Database Management Made Simple

For those only interested in managing Inventory, centralizing and sharing Vendor Information, Renewals, Contacts, we offer LAM™️. 

Screenshot 2019-06-05 08.07.23.png

LAM™️  is an inexpensive solution for Software Asset Management of Floating and Node-locked Engineering Applications and managing related information.  

Track Any of the Following Data for License Inventories by:

  • Vendor information

  • PO information

  • License Server information

  • Floating licenses Information

  • Node-locked licenses Information

Screenshot 2019-06-25 15.07.30.png

Additionally, LAM™️  offers many one-click reports, ways of looking at inventory, budget estimate by vendor, upcoming renewals, renewal “alerts” automatically at any predefined warning periods, can expanded to include LAMUM™️  at any time to add Usage Monitoring for your Floating licenses.


A LAM™️  License Key Provided by TeamEDA is Required for Download or Use of Our Software.