Continuing to improve is more than a necessity – it is our passion and we are dedicated to delivering the best product available for monitoring usage of your engineering software assets for CAD / CAE / CAM / EDA / PLM needs.

To make this happen we are constantly working to improve not just the user experience and ease of access but also the actual products themselves. To accomplish this, we routinely roll out updates twice a year including new features and fixes. With a world-class product, you should expect nothing less than world-class support for the possibility that you run into an unforeseen snag as well. We couldn’t agree with you more and that is why all LAM & LAMUM™️ subscriptions & Perpetual w/ maintenance subscriptions come with unlimited customer support via telephone, e-mail, and screen-sharing while under subscription or annual maintenance. We also allow all current users with an up-to-date subscription, or annual maintenance contracts, access to ALL the software updates, fixes and even the NEWEST and LATEST LAM & LAMUM™️ versions at no additional cost to you!




+ How do I “activate” my LAMUM license key?

Wait until next lmstat cron run, or type in the URL http://yourIP:8182/lammonitor/licenses then Enter.

+ What happens if I exceed my user count?

LAMUM will keep checking the maximum users within the last 24hours at each cron interval. Wait 24 hours or call TeamEDA to add licenses for additional Users

+ Do you have to put an Agent on every License Server?


+ What Floating License Manager Types to we support?

FlexLM/FlexNet, Reprise, Sentinel, LUM, DSLS, Altium, LM-X, Windchill, MathLM

+ Do you monitor node-locked usage?

No, but we can develop a custom Agent that sits on the PC and monitors an .exe

+ Can the URL create the report?

Yes. URL can be saved as a “Favorite” or as a hyperlink in a SharePoint, Google Doc, Word (hyperlink can be changed to something user-friendly)

+ Does LAMUM include Job Queuing, or report Jobs waiting in Queue?


+ Does LAMUM support Single Sign-on?

Not currently, but this feature is expected to be included in the version 9.2 release

+ Does LAMUM have LMRemove capability?

Yes, with permission.

+ Will LAMUM allow me to start, stop or restart FlexLM daemons?


+ Will LAMUM allow me to edit FlexLM Option Files?

Yes, version 9.1 has Option File syntax checking.

+ Does TeamEDA offer a free Trial of LAMUM?

Yes, complete the “Request Trial” form on our contact page for additional information on how to implement a free 30-day trial.

+ What happens if my license key expires?

LAMUM will continue to collect data, send alerts, and send batch reports. Call TeamEDA.


For additional support please contact our Support Staff at