Client Testimonials

Budgeting and managing the costs of engineering application software within a budget is always a challenge. It is often met with defeat no matter how experienced one is at doing it. Why? Unforeseen business needs appear in the budgeted New Year, software suppliers increase prices, engineers/management insist on the need for new software that will solve current design problems, etc. However, financial management requires you to meet all these needs and more within the defined budget.

Foundational to software budget management is good engineering, financial management, and software supplier reports. This report in many instances, has to be coupled with a robust tool that provides the answer to “Show me the data” or promotes the question “Why do you need the software based on the data?” for additional credibility on your recommendation on what to do. A versatile and easy to use data collection tool, accessible at a moment’s notice, is a critical tool for anyone managing software portfolio budgets and by the engineering customer also. TeamEDA’s LAMUM, in my experience, has been an outstanding tool in supporting the many needs in managing a diverse engineering application portfolio across numerous engineering sites and time zones.

Being a recent adopter of LAMUM, after years of using other tools, it is easy to set up and use. This is first and foremost. Some of the simple things, I like, are the automated emails to admin support, if an application license server goes down at 1:00 am in the morning and automated weekly reports on unused software and concurrency report for key, high demand, expensive software.

But foremost, LAMUM shines as an investigative tool, when searching for data on how to optimize (i.e., find dollar savings) in your software portfolio to meet a budget challenge. For example, the ability to inspect the utilization of reserved licenses allocated to dedicated resources or to monitor application utilization/denials, in order to set license timeout releases for idle software appropriately. LAMUM provides the data to guide the optimization decision of existing licenses over time, in deciding whether to re-allocate or reduce existing software licenses is appropriate.

The TEAMEDA staff is great to work with and I am grateful for the robust set of capabilities LAMUM provides.
— Large Aerospace Company
We have been using Flexera for the past 8 years it took us weeks to set up and we needed to bring in a database administrator to do so. Flexera requires 3 different servers and 3 different software tools (that they don’t provide) for their installation. Your product was ready out-of-the-box and I can’t think of any other system that even compares. We have been through numerous updates, service packs, hot fixes and “new” versions with Flexera that have made no difference and the features vanish and reappear or are not usable at all.
— American aerospace and defense, multinational, corporation
We are able to track 100 different license renewals in LAMUM. We love knowing who has Creo and Solidworks licenses checked out and for how long
— Medium-size manufacturer of date coding systems
We love the Alerts, especially the ‘License expiration’ and ‘Server down’ Alerts. And the Usage reports has prevented purchase of unnecessary licenses.
— Large medical device and medical equipment manufacturer
This tool has been a blessing. It has saved us a ton of money. I have seen a 20% reduction in license needs, especially the expense CAE tools. User counts, Total time in Use by User, Concurrent use graphs, and Long checkout monitoring have been really helpful.
— Large aerospace company
LAMUM helps us keep track of thousands of licenses we own. We can also now share Vendor information, like contacts, purchases, renewal dates, with other managers. Of course, the usage reports are also very helpful in knowing our license usage trends and denials.
— Large aerospace company
The Long Checkout Alerts really help us get the most out of our licenses. Now they (engineers) know we are watching so they won’t hoard licenses
— Medium automotive parts manufacturer
We found LAMUM to be stable and easy to maintain, vs. other products we looked at. We also found TeamEDA support to be excellent!
— German electronics company
LAMUM saves me tons of time because I no longer have to manually determine how many licenses are in use for any given product.
— Medium-size medical and dental imaging systems manufacturer
LAMUM is faster and less expensive than FNM. LAMUM is elegant, a simple but effective design. User interface is very intuitive.
— A leading manufacturer of solutions for the energy, transportation and industrial markets
LAMUM was very easy to install and get running. The usage information helps us decide if we truly need more or less licenses.
— Small electronics company
LAMUM has saved more than half our cost for AutoCAD licenses.
— Medium-size manufacturer of equipment for research and medical diagnostic applications
We especially like the tool at Maintenance renewal time.
— Small manufacturer of electrical generators
We love LAMUM. It has paid for itself many times over!
— Medium-size defense and electronics company