Integrated Software License Management Tools for Engineering Applications


TeamEDA are experts in the development and deployment of Integrated Software Licensing Management for Engineering Applications



With our proprietary software, we combine both License Asset Management and Usage Monitoring into one integrated suite of services. LAMUM™️ is a best-in-class software tool that no manager’s toolkit is complete without. We take pride in our ability to take the guesswork and overpaying out of vendor software purchases, management, usage, and negotiations by allowing our users to

  • Consolidate ALL your software asset information to determine actual licensing needs.

  • Manage engineering software applications. users, and overall inventories more efficiently.

  • Allowing the administration and managers to monitor real-time and historical application usage.


Why TeamEDA?

LAMUM™️ is so versatile we can work with individual customers for a custom Usage Monitoring Solution for ANY vendor currently being used. Even if they are not currently already supported upon request.

As experts in the development and deployment of Integrated Software Licensing Management Tools for Engineering Applications, we give you the tools you need to monitor your assets with confidence. Using the LAMUM™️ Management tool for your CAD/CAM/CAE/EDA/PLM applications gives you a level of Control and Vendor Negotiation Power that most people never thought would be possible. Unlike other license management tools available today we allow users to monitor both Real-time Usage and Historic Usage at the Tool Level, not just feature level. Additional Features Not Available with Any Other Software Asset Monitoring Software Include;

Current Overview Gauge Display Laptop Mock Up.png

The Current Overview Gauge Display will auto-size to the resolution of the display of the device that you are using to create a perfect dashboard view that can be used for an overview or a detailed look at your current asset usage! This display will also automatically update every 15 minutes (or by your selected LM Stat Cron Interval) allowing you to monitor usage almost in real-time if necessary to monitor;

  • Tag Name (Port@Host)

  • Capacity

  • Color-coded % of Capacity

  • A-List of ALL Users Who Have a License Checked Out

  • The Users Machine

  • How Long a License Has Been Checked Out For

  • Total Time in Use

  • Revoke an Over-checked Out License or Send a Reminder

7 Day Concurrency Graph Mock Up.png

Our Per Feature License Concurrency Graph allows the administrator of your companies engineering license assets to view a summary of each license type used to determine that the correct number of licenses are being maintained. By monitoring the concurrency usage of each license in an overview you can ensure that you are maintaining a correct number of licenses for multiple time periods. This is designed to assist as a visual aid when ensuring you are maintaining the optimal amount of license. This is based on the actual percentage of usage. With the Per Feature License Concurrency Graph, you are able to track this by;

  • Custom Date Ranges

  • Todays Graph

  • 7-Day Graph

  • 30-Day Graph

  • 90-Day Graph

  • 180-Day Graph

  • 365-Day Graph

  • Year-to-Date

Total Activity for NX Laptop Mockup.png

By utilizing the Total Activity graph, you can dig further into your data to see trends over time, exactly what that means for your department & assets, and take the guesswork out of continuously calculating your peak licensing needs by;

  • Seeing (current capacity) the exact number of licenses needed to cover peak usages

  • How many licenses are currently in use

  • The average usage of those licenses

  • What days of the week your usage is peaking allowing you to restructure if needed

Heat Map for Solid Works Laptop Mockup.png

The Per Feature Checkout Activity Heatmap is a one-of-a-kind graph that gives you the information of the Total Activity graph that you when delicately balancing your asset allocation for projects. The Per Feature Checkout Activity Heatmap is an incredibly handy tool when reporting on the information you handle daily. The neatly organized (and vibrant) information puts into perspective the way assets are being used – that can even be used, and understood, by those that do not work with your tools daily. You are able to relay usage by;

  • Custom Date Ranges

  • 7-Day Graph

  • 30-Day Graph

  • 90-Day Graph

  • 365-Day Graph

Design Background.png

White Paper

Software License Management Best Practices

Managing expensive engineering software across the enterprise is more than just monitoring usage and studying utilization statistics of “features”. This white paper addresses the business side of managing license assets and describes a “total management system” for engineering software. Managing the business side effects can further reduce engineering software costs, provide more “business intelligence” for making better decisions, improve responsiveness, and ensure software license use compliance.

This white paper looks at the business elements of license management and why they must be considered a part of the management process.